Thursday, January 31, 2013

Parks, travel, and to-do lists-- oh my

This week has provided a representation of all four seasons here in KC.  We had fall on Sunday- a day where I enjoyed a gorgeous day in a Topeka park with my boyfriend.  Then on Monday came summer, which I enjoyed with my roommate and a run along a trail near Brookside, called the Trolley Track Trail.  We conquered the tail end of it from 55th to Volker, then went along Brush Creek for a gorgeous day.  Tuesday was definitely spring with the amount of rain, but you know what they say, January showers bring February flowers?? (for Valentine's Day, right?)  Finally, Wednesday and today, winter has finally decided to arrive.  Bringing with it snow, frozen sidewalks, and freezing wind to just make it that much easier to wake up and go to class.  Oh, Midwest weather, you always win.

In other news, I am very excited to report that I have officially booked hotel rooms for Amsterdam!  For being a part of the Global Grundfos Challenge- see my earlier posts about this event here and here- the company decided to pay for our plane tickets to and from a few select European cities.  While I wasn't intending to do so originally, Sarah, one of the other competitors invited me to join her to go to Amsterdam for a few days following the competition in Bjerringbro, Denmark.  With someone to join me, I am very much looking forward to our relaxing trip to another European city following a stress-filled week of competition.

Additionally, this week has held a surprising amount of stress due to a very long to-do list that I've compiled throughout the week.  The cold and flu season also seems to be making its rounds at Rockhurst as many people are missing class.  However, today proved to be LITERALLY the most productive day I have had in... probably a year.  So I have prevailed and everything seems to looking good :)

Hope all you readers have a fantastic week, and enjoy the clips from one of my favorite shows (click on the word LITERALLY)!!

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