Saturday, January 5, 2013

Barcelona- still going strong!

I can't say that I have been let down yet by this city!  There really, is nothing that has not been less than amazing!  (other than the exchange rate- I'm still a college student!)  But it is just an absolutely gorgeous city/ area, even though its winter!  Its been fun to have an "extended" Christmas season since today is the last day of Spain's celebration of Christmas (the Epiphany).  Tonight we are planning to go by the Three King's Day Parade too.  
Christmas-y lights displayed

I am absolutely loving that our classes the past two mornings have tied together with the businesses that we are visiting in the afternoons.  Our first class was about Innovation, where we visited a company called Mazel Group which is actually an engineering/ design company that has 9 companies involved.  These companies do everything from designing trash cans that communicate with the trucks to making plastic parts for our vehicles to designing concept cars.  

Our second class about Corporate Social Responsibility tied very well with the small winery we toured called L'Olivera that employs workers with disabilities with the intention to teach them skills that will benefit them later on.  This winery, although small, actually produces the "official wine of Barcelona" 
L'Olivera buildings from the vineyard
And today we've visited a winery that is much larger, but still strives for very high standards both worldwide and nationally called Torres.  
Main building for Torres

But really the best part about being in Barcelona is experiencing the city like we did on the first day.  Yesterday, we attended the most incredible fountain show with lights and music that put Vegas to shame!  (not that I've been there- but in my imagination it would)

And I've also still been in love with the cute alleys and streets all over the city.  
Just one example of what I find to be the most gorgeous streets

I'm very much looking forward to seeing even more over the next 8 days remaining in Spain!

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