Saturday, November 17, 2012


For the past two days, I have been competing in a nationwide competition with water pump manufacturer Grundfos.  I first learned of this competition through a class- EC 3400- Developing World: Econ, Politics and Culture.  We were given the option of a few different volunteer options and then split up into different teams.  Some of the options were working with St James Place, helping with the water relief initiative in Haiti, or attending the Peace Colloquy.  The final option was attend this Global Grundfos Challenge.  The company facilitates a challenge between competing business and engineering groups, each given the same case regarding a current water issue.  There were about 6 students involved in the preparation process for the challenge through the class.  We did as much research as we could about different water challenges over the past few months and didn't find out about the challenge until Thursday morning at 9.  Therefore, it was such an educational experience all the way around!

Grundfos paid for the three participants from each school (pictured above is our Rockhurst team in front of our 'tent' workspace) to stay in a hotel, and covered all of our meals for the two days.  We were put in a room at 10 am on Thursday with the challenge information.  We left the Grundfos headquarters in Olathe at 8 pm, where we returned to the hotel to continue working on the case.  The following morning, the bus departed at 7:30 to return to Olathe, when we were given a few hours to do final changes and practicing on the case.  Friday was full of presentations and stress about who were chosen as winners of the case.  It was such an incredible opportunity to work with two other Rockhurst students on a particular issue and meet other business students from schools such as Fresno State, KU, Mizzou, Purdue, and K-State.  Additionally, the number of Rockhurst alumni working for Grundfos was inspiring to see!  

Friday afternoon, we found out that our group was in the top two and....


Anyway- that's enough for tonight.  I'm hoping to post the press release that will be coming out next week also!

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