Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Barcelona... Not just another day

Every day has just been incredible here!  As I was reflecting on my experience, all I could think about is how  often I have just been filled with "wonderment" (ok, wonder is more appropriate)  as I'm simply walking around somewhere.

Waking up Sunday was just a phenomenal day.  We began by heading down to the Gothic Quarter to see Santa Maria del Mar, a church that was built during the 14th century.  I could not believe how well done the whole church was when it had been created so long ago!  My favorite part of that morning however, was when we went over to the Museo Picasso.  We took some small little streets and alley-ways and it was just so gorgeous and tranquil (especially when I got separated from the group for a few minutes later on).   

Later in the day, a group of us including Professor Fitzpatrick, Professor O'Connor, and Professor Janusik headed to the Roman and Greek ruins.  I can say right now that I wasn't super looking forward to this part, but I definitely wanted to take advantage of the day!  But because of how excited and passionate my professors are about every part of this trip, I can say that I really enjoyed it!  How can I not be excited about what appears to be old rocks when someone else is telling me the purpose it might have served in the past??

The architecture on this Cathedral- called La Seu Cathedral- was absolutely incredible!  It was built between the 13th and 15th centuries.  

Later that night, at the FC Barcelona game.  I was astounded to see so many people in one place! 

Monday, we went to Sagrada Familia after class.  My camera died halfway through my visit- the pictures are just on my phone from that day.  But we went up the towers, and I loved this view watching the cranes move over the top of the two towers.  Even with tourists all over, there was still work to be done at this incredible place.   

Tuesday we had a tour of Barcelona Activa.  I thought their business was incredible- helping entrepreneurs start their businesses is something that few people have the knowledge to do.  I loved the view as we were walking to their center downtown.  

Wednesday morning we visited a logistics center outside a small town about 45 minutes away from Barcelona called Igualada.  We had a gorgeous view of the mountains the whole bus ride up and I was pleasantly surprised how entertaining it was to see how their product moved about the warehouse in order to get to the end customer.  

Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon both included tours of places designed by Gaudi (I guess Monday could be included in that too!  The Casa Batlló modernist home was absolutely incredible!  They said that there were no straight lines in his design and I would believe it- with the curves in the ceiling, walls, windows and doorways, I'm not sure where else they would be. 

Then Wednesday afternoon we visited Parque Guell.  I learned that at one time he had hoped to have a whole community full of houses on this hillside (it has gorgeous views from every angle)  This picture was taken where he would have had the center of the community.

As each day has new adventures- I don't want to miss out on any one of them, so for now, farewell.  Only a few more days left of my fantastic adventure!

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