Saturday, February 9, 2013


We've had some exciting events and visitors here at Rockhurst this past week!  To begin with, on Thursday, both the CEO of Dollar General and the senior vice president of global strategic sourcing, Richard Dreiling and Jim Kopp, visited campus and came to several classes, one of which was my International Economics class.  As alumnus of Rockhurst, they made a special visit to Kansas City to visit EMBA classes in addition to some undergrad classes for the Helzberg School.  Mr Dreiling was the one who mostly spoke through our class.  I was absolutely delighted to get to hear all about his journey from Rockhurst in Kansas City, through each of his promotions to end up at the top of Dollar General.  He was very down-to-earth, speaking about everything from his corporate jet and Mike's to their recent phenomenal sales and how to keep their growth reasonable.  Hearing about his journey to his current position was inspiring- as I hope that each step that I take will lead me to a place of success, its encouraging to hear of someone who truly has.  
Richard Dreiling, CEO of Dollar General
Another exciting event on campus was the annual Competitive Scholars Day for high school seniors.  The day includes a chance to see the university, but most importantly, they are given a chance to interview for full tuition scholarships offered by Rockhurst.  This year, there were over 300 applicants for 30 full tuition scholarships.  To show you how much Rockhurst has grown, the year I interviewed, three years ago, there were 160 interviewees for only 9 full tuition scholarships.  This day is a huge chance for Rockhurst to attract potential new students, as I know many people I currently talk to also attended Competitive Scholars Day.  I hope to see plenty of these potential new freshmen around our campus next fall.  
Rockhurst pulled out all the stops with classy lighting,
a jazz band, and  KC slideshow for the social  part of the event

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