Saturday, March 2, 2013

Spring Break

Its finally here!  Or should I say Winter Break (round 2)?  With all the snow on the ground, its hard to tell.  This week was very busy indeed- (3 day school weeks are just difficult) :P  But overall, trying to finish up everything before another week away from the Rock is definitely a struggle.  

With the start of Spring Break, my Facebook feed has been flooded with everyone posting pictures and statuses regarding their travels.  Rockhurst provides a chance for students to apply for several Spring Break service trips all over the place- from the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and trips within the states.  There are also plenty of people venturing back home to St Louis, Nebraska, New York or wherever they are from to enjoy time with family and friends.  I'm looking forward to spending a few days here in Kansas City (including this weekend) to work at my internship.  Then, I'll spend the weekend back home!!  I'm excited to see family, since I haven't been back to western KS since December, before I left for Barcelona.  

This first weekend back though, I've already gotten to enjoy a friend's birthday celebration at Power & Lights last night, and an afternoon at the Kansas City classic cafe, the Roasterie here in Brookside.  This snowy, sunny afternoon is best enjoyed from indoors, with good music and a great companion (my boyfriend has come up for the weekend to visit me)  :)  we might catch the huge Oscar-winning movie, Argo at the Cinemark on the Plaza later tonight.  

Hope everyone enjoys a little time away.  :)  

This is actually the Roasterie factory image-- but it includes a great view of Kansas City

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