Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Grundfos- real challenge

So we've now made it halfway through this week at the Grundfos Academy in Bjerringbro, and the true challenge has really come into play this evening!

 First I'll talk a little more about the experience here at Grundfos though.  A really unique part about this opportunity with the Grundfos Challenge has been the chance to talk to real people who work at Grundfos about future opportunities.  A part of the offer for the winning team is an offer to work at Grundfos.  They incorporated two "interview" sections into this week to more specifically decide where you might end up.  The first interview was with a recruiter, which became a relaxed, longer interview- with her experience looking at potential candidates already, she is able to assess if (and where) the student might be a good fit for Grundfos.  The second part was with someone in a department or division that we set up ahead of time.  Through this process, it was a way to see if the student would like to work at Grundfos.  Making sure that the fit is right in both directions is incredibly important to this company from what I can see from my perspective.  It was a neat chance to delve more deeply into the company and into the opportunity.  Also given this unique position, we have been given a chance to run our ideas by some very influential people in the company.  We have developed a good relationship with a few employees who have given us an amazing amount of support, helping to develop a viable plan from every direction for the challenge. 

I've also had a great time with the social media work that the Grundfos Graduate Program has put toward this event.  Its also been great to see all of the support from everyone back home!  Its great to know that at Rockhurst and all around Kansas City and my hometown, we've got an awesome support system of people! 

I'm not sure what else I'd like to share about the experience! We've had snow the past few days, so that's been fun to watch-- with our big windows, it feels a lot like we're inside of a snowglobe! (atleast that's what I'm imagining)

 I'm avoiding posting repeat pictures just for the benefit of those following my Twitter and Facebook also- so I'd encourage everyone to atleast check out the Grundfos twitter @GrundfosGrad- they're posting tons of videos and pictures throughout the day (night for those in North America) to see our progress and the progress of our colleagues. 

Now tonight- we've changed a big part of the outlook for our solution- so we're looking forward to a very late evening, to prepare for our final day of preparation tomorrow!  :) 

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