Friday, March 22, 2013

Grundfos final

This will be a short post, but I want to conclude my remarks on Denmark while I'm still enjoying my time at the Grundfos Academy.

While our team was not one of the winning teams, I am still extremely pleased with the experience here at the Grundfos Challenge. The students that had been recruited here are examples of the future, of the most innovative, and hard working groups of people that our generation has come to represent. I cannot wait to watch throughout the next 10 or maybe 15 years to see what these students will make happen for our world, all over the world. Simply being a part of this representation has been an honor, and I'm so pleased to have had this opportunity to represent the United States and rockhurst university throughout the past week here in Bjerringbro.

Tonight has been a fabulous example of intercultural relations- working together and enjoying a night to relax and celebrate the accomplishments that we have all accomplished. We enjoyed an amazing dinner at Frisholt, the guest house of Grundfos, and drinks, music, and dancing after. Talking, playing games, and dancing with everyone gave us all a sense of perspective of the importance of working together in all that we do.

Now tomorrow morning, as we prepare to leave Denmark for our respective legs in our journey of life (from Guatemala, to India, china, and all over Europe, in addition to back to the United States) I hope that each of us remembers this past week with fond memories of the students and the staff that truly made the grundfos challenge unique.

--I hope this post includes the pictures I've uploaded- with a broken computer, this is the true test of the Blogger application on my iPhone!--

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