Monday, March 11, 2013


The preparation for Denmark is coming into its final stages.  I have four more days before our flights will depart from North America for the second time this semester to arrive in a new country.  A large part of the preparation process this week will be packing- but this last week, the chance to go back to my hometown and spend time with family was also important.  There were a few events that I absolutely loved attending while I was there.

The program from the show
On Thursday night, our small town welcomed the Navy Band Sea Chanters for a phenomenal performance.  This performance became their last due to the budget cuts within the national government- they could not continue their tour for the final 5 days throughout Kansas and Missouri.  Therefore, this became the final performance for one Georgina Todd, a woman who was an active part of the Sea Chanters for 20 years.  Her retirement was obviously an emotional event for the whole group- and the fact that it was forced to be early could not have made it any easier.  Their performance was absolutely phenomenal- you could see the passion in their performance for what they do.  They had some fun performances and also some patriotic performances (both are links to some performances that had been uploaded in the past of other performances) which made it fun for everyone.  By representing a part of the military that they obviously feel strongly for, it became a chance for the audience to really see the devotion of this group.  I would love everyone to have a chance to see this group perform, but that can only happen by letting your representatives know.  Here is the link to find out who your elected Representatives are- just type in your zip code and it provides a link to send an email- its always encouraged to send emails to let them know what you would like to see happen (it is their job)- there's no other way for them to know!

I also enjoyed spending a lot of much needed quality time with my family and my community, for instance, at our church's Lenten Fish Fry on Friday.

But now I only hope to finish up these last few days and get my bag packed!  Enjoy the week- I'm sure I'll be back to share my stories throughout my journey to Denmark on Friday!!!!  

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