Thursday, October 3, 2013


These past few days, organizations have sponsored two very successful gatherings for "mealtimes".  But I will share more here.  Yesterday evening, Student Senate sponsored a picnic dinner that allowed any students or faculty to head out to the quad and enjoy their meal outside on the quad alongside other students, with live music and free cookies provided by Sodexo.  A lot of students took advantage of the chance to get out in the beautiful weather Wednesday evening and socialize together!  This was the first time Student Senate put together the event, and I would say it was a success!  We are looking forward to hosting this a few more times before it gets too cold this fall (for those on campus who are interested)
A few students enjoying dinner
The second event was lunch today, sponsored by the Helzberg School, which invited the faculty of the Helzberg Business School to eat lunch with all students enrolled in the Freshmen in Business Seminar (all freshmen interested in a business major).  Although we experienced a downpour which delayed some of the professors from arriving at the beginning of the class time, several professors and staff were able to chat with the freshmen and get to meet them (many for the first time).  I think the connections that were made along the way will be helpful just as they are beginning their freshmen year!  

Some of the FIBS students before the professors arrived

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