Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ways Getting Sick in College is Different than Getting Sick in High School

While I'm sure this has been done before, this subject has been on the forefront of my mind since the beginning of the week, as I've returned from our long Labor Day weekend with a killer cold/flu virus that has kept me up coughing, sneezing, and overall feeling miserable for several days.  So I present:

Ways Getting Sick in College is Different than Getting Sick in High School

1) Skipping Classes
     While for some students, and some classes- skipping class in college would be a very easy decision, with the slightest headache or stuffy nose.  However, in my small classes, with daily quizzes, and impossible-to-make-up notes, it would be more of a problem to miss class for one day than it would be to attend class in my decreased state of awareness.  No more 10 free absences a year- more than 3 and our grades are reduced in some classes.

2) Medicine
      So, you're at college, you have everything you need.  The only problem is you probably don't.  The full medicine cabinet you have at home?  That's not cheap or easy to get back at college!

3) Specialized Care
       One thing about living at home, is that like it or not, your parents are going to take care of a lot of things for you.  Especially when you're sick.  So when you're up through the night coughing and sick- your parents will know exactly what to do.  While you may have picked up a few tricks- its much more difficult to remember it all at 3 in the morning by yourself.

4) Nutrition
      Whether you are lucky enough to have a meal plan or are cooking on your own- both requires a lot of work.  You either have to venture outside of your snuggly bed/couch (wherever you're cooped up to recover from sickness) to try and find something mildly appealing from Sodexo, or else muster the energy to go out to Price Chopper to find that particular comfort food you are used to having at home.

So bottom line collegiate peers- do your best to not get sick.  Allow Lysol, hand sanitizer, and orange juice to become your best friends- get lots of sleep, and eat healthy.  (even with all these things, you may not miss this bug) but good luck!

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