Sunday, September 15, 2013

New Internship!

This past few weeks have been exciting to start back up the new year for several reasons.  While homework and decrease in free time has been a major drawback, I've also been lucky enough to have a new internship here in Kansas City!  Christian Foundation for Children and Aging is an organization that works to sponsor children and aging adults in 21 different countries around the world.  Their main sources of support are from the Catholic church, and they have priests that travel around the country to speak in different parishes; however, their message and their goal transcends across all denominations, making it an organization that everyone can get behind.  One of the most impressive things about CFCA is their commitment to bringing donations to those who need it most.  93.6% of the money donated to CFCA goes directly toward program support.  So that means all of the administrative and fundraising support offered by the offices in Kansas City and Florida are not included as part of the 93.6% that goes toward program support.  (this is one of my favorite parts about the organization-- the accounting major in me is showing I think)

But anyway, I've been hired as part of the US Outreach department, so I am assisting in the programs that reach out to sponsors and potential sponsors across the US.  Part of what has made this such an awesome experience for me is that CFCA is an organization I had only dreamed of interning at while in high school.  Upon entering Rockhurst, I was thinking of places that I could work at following graduation; I had wanted to work for a non-profit that was working to help people in developing countries, and immediately CFCA came to mind, because my parents have sponsored multiple children through them since I was small.  So I am very excited to be a part of the growing team at CFCA!

We're also getting to welcome several employees from CFCA in one of my classes next week, and are going to be talking about the video Rise & Dream, a documentary film about a group of students in the Philippines preparing to perform in a concert for peace.  The film won numerous awards including the Reel Rose Best Documentary Film Award and the Thin Line Film Fest's audience choice award.  You can watch the film Rise & Dream online here and learn how to get involved.

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