Monday, August 19, 2013

The last.... Fall Semester

It seems that for many people, this (senior) year is one to live it up before entering another step of their education- grad school.  Since I'm not intending to go to grad school following Rockhurst at this time, I'm trying to decide what things I will either miss most about college, or that I will never get to do again once I have a full-time job, have to pay rent, and deal with similar obligations.  I'm hoping this will help me live every single day with as much enthusiasm as most people reserve for weekend trips and other special occasions. 

I was very happy to get to complete my summer internship having gained many skills and a few more connections (thank you LinkedIn).  And I took my last opportunity to take a week off just to spend time with friends and family right before classes start.  

We are welcoming over 400 (I believe close to 450) students to Rockhurst this week.  They all moved in (along with the upperclassmen) two days ago, on Saturday.  I hope we'll have a great group of Hawks who will continue to be involved on campus, and represent Rockhurst well in all of their endeavors.  I will be facilitating the Freshmen in Business Seminar, which will allow me to continue to be a part of the journey these young students will take throughout the first semester here.  

For now, that is all!  I have more moving in to do and preparation for a day full of meetings tomorrow!  

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