Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What happened?

You can tell the level of this week just based on the fact that this post was evidently saved as a draft last Saturday instead of submitted for you to view!  So now here it is.
I have been overwhelmed by all the support and attention my team's recent success at the Grundfos Challenge has received from faculty, staff and students alike at Rockhurst.  So anyone reading, I'd like to thank you for that!  An experience that began as a project for class credit has become a new life experience that I will be able to learn innumerable skills and contacts to be useful in the future.

Staying in KC for Thanksgiving resulted in a lot of hours on my feet- 34 hours in 4 days- working at a restaurant on the Plaza.  The 'break' that I expected by having all the time I could want just focusing on my own well-being seemed to disappear with my hours at the restaurant, and the projects I planned to finish only obtained a half-hearted first draft of a few papers.  Oh well, the best break prepares you for the coming weeks, and I was definitely ready to get back to class!

The closing of the semester comes with it plenty of stress, but also plenty of opportunities for fun activities.  Social Mentors had their annual ice skating event on Friday night at Crown Center.  It's always fun to watch the freshmen as they have developed new friendships and become truly at home at Rockhurst as the year goes on.  The gorgeous Christmas display in that area of Crown Center always produces a few gasps and plenty of photo ops for every social media enthusiast.
It's always necessary to pose for a roomie-pic, even if its only 3 of us pictured... with a different 4th person...

I ended up going back to the same area the following night with less of a time constraint and fewer people. (My boyfriend visited me for the weekend)

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