Saturday, October 20, 2012

Just the beginning

... of another amazing year!

Being asked to write a blog is being told that someone believes that your life is interesting enough for others to read.  I find this to be an incredible honor!  So I'm excited to start this little experiment!

This year has already been filled with some incredible opportunities and memorable moments- I guess the best place to start though is with one of those opportunities!  

At the end of September, I was able to attend an event with political commentator, George Will.  Rockhurst invited about 40 student leaders from many different organizations around campus to attend a special Q & A session with only Rockhurst students and Mr Will, in addition to a lunch event with over 600 people attending at the downtown Marriot.  As a member of Student Senate- I sat at one of the head tables with executives from Inergy, right in front of the stage.  I am always amazed at how our little school is not so little when it comes to the opportunities and connections that we have.  

Here's a picture I found from the event-- there I am with George Will!

And this is from the luncheon-- I sat at table 6(!!)  and this is one of the executives from Inergy-- we were right in front of the stage.

And finally- this is a picture with several of the Student Senators who attended.

Memorable moments are abound in a college community-- living in a Townhouse this year has resulted in numerous burns and fails while I'm cooking and baking.  But none can compare to my roommate-- who after purchasing a Mandolin-- was slicing apples.  She got excited and sliced her pinky finger right through-- I arrived home to her sitting outside waiting for the Rockhurst Security Officer to arrive and check it out, because it had been gushing blood for 20 minutes.  She does not like blood and so per the Rockhurst Security Officer's advice- we went to the emergency room since it was still bleeding and she felt sick.  After being allowed into the parking garage by the officer at St Luke's, we went ahead and unwrapped her injury- only to find that it was healing quite fine!  So we quickly left the emergency room parking garage, avoiding the officer's eye, and went to CVS to take care of it ourselves.  

Moral of the story-- be careful with sharp objects, no matter how old you are.  

But every week is sure to be full of these new adventures-- and I just can't wait! 

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