Thursday, December 5, 2013

Rockhurst "Football"

Rockhurst has a very popular tshirt at the bookstore that says "Rockhurst University Football: Undefeated since 1958"- coincidentally, this is the year that the university football team stopped competing.  However, the soccer (European futbol) team have had an incredible record over the past many years.  With one of the top "winning-nest" coaches (also great accounting professor, Anthony Tocco), and a supportive program with other talented coaches.  The team hosted the regional games last weekend, and after winning those- progressed onto the NCAA Division II Final Four games today in Georgia.  While the team did not win these games, this was an incredible opportunity for the team, and we are proud that they were able to represent the university in such a great way, and do so well to progress this far.  

Otherwise, this week has also welcomed many visitors- several food vendors have come to campus as the current food service provider contract will need to be renewed or a new one decided on by the summer of 2015.  This meant that there were different groups of people on campus surveying students and getting a feel for the scope of Food Services on campus.  We hope that they will be able to find the right fit for campus, whether it is with our current provider or a different direction!  

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