Friday, November 22, 2013

Leadership Symposium

Tom McDonnell
In addition to Dan Rather last week, the week held a slew of activities for our first ever Leadership Symposium week.  The inspiration for this week came from a discussion that executive board members had with our own Father Curran last semester.  He questioned why we should not have a week dedicated to leadership, as Rockhurst has continued to enjoy its reputation for leadership throughout time.  As a result, Senate worked with several other organizations, including SAA, SAB, SAAC, and the Order of Omega (I might have missed a few, and I apologize if that's the case)  Monday, we had a speaker, Tom McDonnell, who is the President and CEO of the Kauffman Foundation.

Tuesday was an alumni panel sponsored by Order of Omega, and Wednesday was a presentation by the former president of Harvester's and SAB's Turkey Dinner.  At the Turkey Dinner, all of the canned goods collected (admission for the event) were then donated to Harvester's. SAB made an awesome video about the Turkey Dinner, so I definitely recommend watching it! (linked earlier in the paragraph)

Thursday was Senate's Town Hall event, inviting several speakers to speak about the state of the university, including Town Hall.  Finally on Friday was Res Life's annual Beyond Words event.  Each one of these events had wonderful attendance, as students understood the influence of the speakers and the importance of their contributions.

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