Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Grind

This week has gone by quite quickly yet again!  Tuesday was the Helzberg School of Management's very first Leadership and Ethics Day.  What this meant was that every class that took place in the HSOM on Tuesday had a guest speaker from within the world of business.  My only HSOM class on that day, International Economics welcomed two leaders from Bayer.  It was an incredibly interesting conversation about doing business in an International world, and both shared stories of travel for work and their experiences.  I also enjoyed learning that Bob Grant, Rockhurst's very own Vice President of Advancement, also spent quite a bit of time traveling abroad for his job at Bayer prior to coming to Rockhurst.  The day was filled with countless guests, and I count myself lucky yet again, that Rockhurst is in a large enough city to host so many successful companies who are willing to come to a classroom and speak about their experience.  It seems that the connections that the professors have all across Kansas City is also very inspiring.

I'm also going to be very excited at the end of tax season on Monday- my internship at an accounting firm in Overland Park has been incredibly time-consuming, specifically with being gone for so long earlier this month and the increase of people in and out of the office retrieving their taxes.  Now I'm just looking forward to the finale coming up in the next month!  I have a plethora of summer activities in mind, and I will show just a few with pictures from Tumblr now:  (I apologize for the cheesiness of them all- this is way more fun than the homework I should be doing) and I took them all from the sites listed on the photos :)

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